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Probably each person at least once in a lifetime wondered what happiness is and where it can be found. And at least once each of us was feeling happy. But you would find it difficult to describe this feeling in words. How can you explain something that is beyond any words or definitions?

From the scientific point of view the feeling of happiness is caused by a mix of chemical substances, produced by the body itself in certain situations. These substances influence the heart rate, the process of breathing, the blood pressure, and as a result lead to ethereal. However, this sort of explanation gives us just a one-sided understanding.

Happiness can be found only inside!

The feeling of happiness is so individual, that it is nearly impossible to define it. However, it is possible to get closer to understanding of where it comes from by researching the inner world, and slowly moving from rough feelings to the finer ones.

Happiness is a choice; it doesn’t depend on any external conditions; it is governed by our mental attitude.” Dale Carnegie

Meditation is one of the yoga tools allowing us to get deeper in ourselves and to reach happiness and harmony faster.

External world is the world of permanent changes. When we deal with an external source we receive a temporary pleasure. Form becomes old and tired very quickly. Yoga tells us that behind every form there is content. If you sense something permanent beyond everlasting changes you will find “a switch” for happiness, which is hidden inside each of us.

There is a vast variety of meditation techniques. Many of them should be taught by Teachers. But yoga recommends us not to waste time waiting for Guru. For those who decide to start personal practice it offers to observe two simple conditions available to everybody. The first condition is a quiet place, where nobody could distract you from your practice. Your aim is to reach state of tranquillity and learn to remain in it deliberately.

The second condition is a comfortable pose, when you feel that your back, neck and head are aligned. It could be any pose, except the ones which make you sleepy, when your body feels comfortable for a long period of time.

By satisfying these conditions you start mysteriously plunge into the depths of your own thoughts, emotions and feelings. Just watch. It does not matter if at first you cannot relax and concentrate on your feelings. Regular practice will open new facets and possibilities of your meditation. Over time, you will have the control over your thoughts and emotions and will be able to practice meditation in any conditions. Your friends and family will definitely notice that you became more joyful and happy.

Practicing meditation is a great way to overcome difficulties and obstacles on the way to a long-desired happiness!

Yours Open Yoga

Author: Marina Mirra

Editors: М. Sarasvati-Bhavani, Kerigona

Translated by Tatiana Sugrue

Project curator: Kerigona

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