Yantra yoga. The cognition of the world through forms

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Our emotional state is closely connected with the forms around us. Home interior, city architecture, natural landscape — all of these affect us in a certain way. Why does one sort of images evoke in us a sense of calmness, peace, security, and contribute to the restoration of emotional balance, while other sort of images, on the contrary, causes oppression, hidden fear, tension, affecting negatively on our mental state?

Evolution of bodies — evolution of forms

The influence of forms on us is not accidental. Our bodies have evolved over many millennia. The simplest microorganism developed to the level of the human body under the influence of environmental conditions. Our Higher Self manifested by using the principle of form, and adapted to changing conditions from life to life. Every external influence and reaction to it were imprinted in the memory of our bodies and of our minds. Therefore, there is no “unpunished” perception of a form. Any form via associative connections inspires specific reaction, affects our physical and mental state, and guides our actions.

In many ways, people’s behavior depends on what they see.

The outward appearance of the building can cause completely different sensations. Often in the urban construction nobody takes into account the influence of form on a person’s mental state. Modern “concrete jungles” of the city can affect people depressingly, causing fears, developing a tendency to aggression.

While the same people tend to show tranquility, peacefulness and positive emotions, living in countryside, close to nature. And ancient temples do not just attract many tourists for nothing. Due to the competent and appropriate use of the principle of form, they are not only a place to worship the gods, but also a place for rest, pacification and restoration of strength.

“An architect builds not only considering the principles of convenience. The structure must be impressive in its beauty and absolutely harmonious. Harmony — that is what lies at the basis of all kinds of art throughout the course of human history.” Ivan Zholtovsky, architect

Yantra yoga helps to compensate the impact of inharmonious forms of the urban world surrounding us. One of the meanings of the word “yantra” is “instrument”. Also there are other translations: “carrier”, “diagram”, “schema”. Sometimes the word “yantra” is translated from Sanskrit into English, as “map” or “body”.

One of the tools of Yantra yoga is a geometric pattern made according to certain rules. The impact of such a pattern is the same as a meditation on a beautiful landscape or a picture that evokes positive emotions.

Yantra improves our emotional state

Unpleasant events in our lives leave their marks. They leave negative memories and impressions. Bad mood and depression lead to a series of inappropriate actions, and to unsatisfactory living conditions. Our emotions are our manifestations, and we can get tough with them and put them under control.

Yantra yoga, as a particular all-sufficient practice, helps us to supersede the negative replacing it with the positive. By visualizing yantras, meditating on them, we relax and improve our mental state. Thus we associate the image of a yantra with our good mood. And in the future, when we have some problems, we can imagine this yantra and reproduce the condition we had when we were looking at it. Doing so, we do not allow new negative impressions to appear, and our overall emotional background gets to a higher level.

A yantra is a mighty tool to show up our potential

Concentrating on a yantra we stop the stream of thoughts and stabilize the work of the mind. One-pointedness of the mind strengthens mental processes, which let us to unfold our true potential. Just as we keep our body clean, we must be sure that the images we perceive are pure too. We should be more selective to the objects of our attention, since they affect not only our mood, but also our life as a whole.

Yantra yoga is an excellent tool that allows us to harmonize the emotional background and reveal our true potential. Enduring and considerate practice with  yantra can improve our condition and relax our mind. We can turn the geometric pattern into a powerful tool for knowing ourselves.

Contemplate and meditate on yantras, reveal your

inner potential, study the Universe and be happy!

Author: Eva May

Editors: Kerigona, М.Sarasvati-Bhavani, М.Mirra, О.Belous

Translated by: Evgenia Agni

Project curator: Kerigona

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