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Sometimes in our daily routine we forget to track our condition and don’t analyze the cause of any changes. At first, we simply don’t notice or ignore these changes. When we start having certain health problems and things fall apart, we cannot understand what is the reason for that. To make sure this does not happen, it is important to ask ourselves a few questions, which will test our current state. By identifying the reasons for the negative side of things, we could work on an action plan to improve the situation.

Below are the questions on different areas of our life. If you agree with the statement choose “Yes” as an answer, otherwise– choose “No”. The results are below the test.

Waking up

  • How do you usually feel when you wake up: rushing to the bathroom happy to start  a new day, ready for new opportunities and meetings; you have millions of ideas and desires to reach all your goals?

  • You feel inspired for cooking and you eat with pleasure some tasty, light and beautifully presented food?


  • Where are your thoughts: do you read all sorts of literature seeking for the answers to your main questions?


  • What is your circle of communication: do you choose yourself who to talk to, are there many like-minded people around?


  • Do you walk and breathe fresh air regularly? Do you watch your breathing? Is it full?


  • Can you confidently call yourself a strong and healthy person and not some sort of a living dead, who thinks that he is immortal?


  • Lying on a sofa like a log is not your type of thing. You have skilled hands and teach new skills to others regularly on master-classes.

Wishes and ideas

  • Every day you have plenty of ideas and desires. Do you believe in yourself?


  • Many people hate their job, but not you. You are successful, charismatic, and turn all problems into tasks.

General state

  • Heavy Gulliver, chained to the ground – this is not about you? You float under the clouds, like a fearless eagle.


  • You forgot when you had nightmares. Now you travel to paradise in your dreams.


YES answers – 11

  • Your vitality level is high enough. You are not only able to quickly fulfill all the desires and achieve your goals, but also to help others.

5 and more

  • Your vitality level is average. Yoga practice can help to increase it.

4 and less

  • Your vitality level is low. If you are not happy about it and you would like to improve the situation, here are some recommendations for you:

Recommendations on changing the lifestyle

For each negative answer ask yourself some additional questions: why is your way of life not satisfying, what can you do to enhance it. It is necessary to find the causes for your behavior, review your life and change some habits.

The main thing is to set your goals and to make an action plan for achieving them. However, it is not enough to make a plan, it is important to follow it. Only in this case we can change something in our life. The practice of “sticking to our plan” comes from Raja yoga, which teaches us to control any situation by using our willpower. However, at first, we might fall back to our habits, that we want to give up, and deviate from our plan.

To complete this practice and in order to change our life the way we want, we can use the following tips:

If we have a desire to do something, but our thoughts tend to postpone the action until tomorrow or later, always remember what one teacher said to his samurai disciple: “… you have only one arrow. So, do everything at once, do not hope that later it can be changed” We need to change the thought from “later or tomorrow” to the mantra “the more you worry , the stronger your burden will be”.

It is important to start with small tasks, which we can do easily, and move toward our goal gradually.  A good example of this approach is the algorithm of studying and developing, introduced by Rene Descartes

  • Do not take anything for granted, do not rush into conclusions, even when, at first glance, the fact or the phenomenon looks obvious.
  • If possible, break the most complicated tasks into simpler and more convenient to perception.
  • Explore the subjects from simple to complex, from small to large, for ease of perception.
  • Where possible, maintain the detailed descriptive documentation of the studied space, object or phenomenon.

The results of any task or action must be consolidated. We should not forget to praise ourselves. If we keep a diary, mark the task as completed in it.

Practicing physical and other interesting types of yoga activates our vital force.

So, by questioning ourselves about different areas of our life, we can make a conclusion of our current condition. We should not be desperate if our vitality level is low. Everything is in our hands! We define ourselves how to live our life, we set the goals and strive to achieve them. Consistently and gradually we change our world for the better, and our yoga practice contributes to it.

With love and best wishes of happiness!

Author: Amma Lotos

Photo: International Open Yoga University archive

Editors: Evgenia Lakshmi, Ylia Volievskaya, Eva Rati, Olga Belous, Marina Mirra

Project curator: Kerigona

Translator: Tatiana Sugrue, Nat Satcitananda, Alexander Vijaya


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